The Gannett Foundation

The Gannett Foundation serves those communities in which Gannett Co., Inc., has a local daily newspaper, broadcast station or cable TV operation. The program makes contributions to qualified nonprofit organizations to improve the education, health and advancement of the people who live in Gannett communities. The contributions are our way of helping to improve the quality of life and addressing the most pressing community issues.

We value projects which take a creative approach to such fundamental issues as education and neighborhood improvement, economic development, youth development, community problem-solving, assistance to disadvantaged people, environmental conservation and cultural enrichment.

How to Apply

If your organization is located in a community in which Gannett does business, and your program serves primarily the local population, you may apply to the local chief executive officer -- the newspaper publisher, broadcast station manager, or cable TV executive.

These general guidelines are designed to serve more than 100 Gannett-served communities. Each local operation establishes its own priorities, depending upon local needs, and may have additional guidelines and restrictions. It is strongly suggested that you contact the local CEO for addditional information prior to submitting a funding request. If you are unsure about your organization's eligibility, a one-page letter of inquiry is welcome. Please do NOT send proposals directly to the Foundation offices in Arlington, Va., unless they address local needs in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.


Your proposal of no more than five pages should be sent to the John Deushane, President and General Manager, and must contain the following information:
  • completed Applications;
  • needs statement;
  • IRS letter of determination of 501(c)(3) tax exemption (mandatory for consideration);
  • objectives of the project to be funded;
  • your organization's qualifications to carry out the project;
  • whether the project is new or ongoing;
  • constituency to be served;
  • community and volunteer involvement;
  • how the project will be evaluated;
  • plans for continued funding of the project, if applicable;
  • one-page project budget, and an organizational budget;
  • list of other funding sources, committed and applied for;
  • pertinent publications may be included.
  • If you have not been determined a tax-exempt organization under IRS Section 501(c)(3), please include a copy of your application for exempt status (IRS Form 1023).


Proposals are accepted at any time during the year. The Management Contributions Committee at Gannett corporate headquarters reviews proposals four times a year from February through November.

Applications due from the public:

Feb. 16 (Round 1)

Aug. 17 (Round 2) Generally, applicants should plan on 60 to 90 days for processing and a decision. Local CEOs will notify applicants of decisions and send contributions.

What We Do Not Fund

Like many donors, we receive many more requests than we can fund. As a result, contributions will not be considered for the following purposes:
  • individuals;
  • organizations not determined by the IRS to be tax-exempt under 501(c)(3);
  • national or regional organizations unless their programs address specific local community needs;
  • programs or initiatives where the primary purpose is the promotion of religious doctrine or tenets;
  • elementary or secondary schools (except to provide special initiatives or programs not provided by:
    • regular school budgets);
    • political action or legislative advocacy groups or voter registration drives;
    • endowment funds;
    • multiple-year pledge campaigns;
    • medical or other research organizations;
    • organizations located in or benefiting nations other than the U.S. and the territory of Guam;
    • fraternal groups, athletic teams, bands, veterans' organizations, volunteer firefighters or similar groups.

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